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KK BOLD Team Rivets Audiences With Public Speaking Talents


Public speaking. Not really anybody’s favorite thing to do. But it’s a thing many KK BOLD staff members get to partake in from time to time. As an example, recently KK BOLDers Debra Anderson and Kalvin Kingsley were all on hand to speak publicly at the Bismarck Public Schools Career Fair May 19th in Bismarck. These are their stories. (Insert sound effect of a jail cell closing or whatever that DUN DUN is supposed to be.)

As often happens, KK BOLD team members get as much from speaking at community events as they contribute. “Questions from students at the Career Fair help us see the advertising business through their eyes,” contributed KK BOLD Vice President of Information Technology Kalvin Kingsley, “which helps us anticipate ways to attract our future workforce.”

In advance of the Career Fair, Anderson put together “Preparing for a Career in Advertising,” a tip sheet with advice from each division of the agency. While staff members shared several similar themes – start building your skill set now, be curious, push yourself beyond your comfort zone, work hard – this bit of advice from a new college grad surprised all of us: Learn how to talk to people on the phone! Get comfortable talking on the phone – not texting.

“As professionals, we all get close to our work and forget we have expertise others can benefit from,” said KK BOLD President LaRoy Kingsley. “Speaking to community groups provides an opportunity to step back, assess what’s new in our world, then present it in a compelling manner.”

On the subject of delivering in a compelling manner, pictured below is Kalvin’s 12:30 session. As you can see, his audience was absolutely riveted by his delivery.

Public Speaking

We could mention that students did eventually show up for his talk, but we have chosen not to.

“Marketing tends to interest most audiences,” added KK BOLD P.R. Director Debra Anderson. “Print, broadcast, online – all of us are surrounded by branding and marketing 24/7 so people are usually very interested in knowing how advertising agencies develop messages and influence behaviors.”

All in all, this year’s Career Fair was a measurable success for everyone who wasn’t Kalvin. Thanks for allowing us the chance to show off our public speechifying talents (again, not Kalvin) and, if you ever have the chance to hear any of us speaking in front of a large group of people, you should totally do that. You’ll be on the edge of your seat, we swear.