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Howdy, Partner. KK BOLD Proud to Have Achieved Google Partner Status

So…you’re what now?

KK BOLD has been officially certified as part of the Google Partners program.

What is that?

Google Partners is Google’s official platform for agencies and online marketing professionals who wish to get the most out of their relationship with Google.

And what does that mean?

That means that we’ve done the leg work, thoroughly researched campaign structure, targeting, bids and budgets and use them in our work, and that Google (yes, the Google) trusts us enough to make us an official member of their Google Partners platform. So you can trust us to do the same for you. BOLD thinking, we’d say.

Okay. And why does that matter?

It matters because it means that Google thinks that we’re cool. Cool enough to be part of their cliche. And if we’re hanging around with Google, that means we’re cool just like Google is. It’s basically high school again, except without pep rallies. Actually, no, we have those sometimes too.

All right, I understand completely now.

That’s good. Glad to have informed you, imaginary third person construct that we just made up.

No problem.