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KK BOLD Moons Over Miami (No Whammy) For Tammy

And now, as is a running tradition for new hires at KK BOLD, our newest account manager Tammy Hein will be welcomed on board the KK BOLD staff with a popular 1980s musical number rewritten to include her name. Today’s selection will be Toni Basil’s number 1 hit single from 1981, “Mickey.” And a one, two, three…

Tammy, Tammy,
You’re so Hein,
You’re so Hein you blow my mind.
Hey Tammy.
Hey Tammy.

Tammy Hein is the newest recruit of our KK BOLD Minot office. Before joining KK BOLD, Tammy worked for Time Warner Media in Green Bay, Wis. As an account planner, she was involved in every step of media campaign planning and execution. Hein was born in Manawa, Wisconsin, and received an associate’s degree from Fox Valley Technical College in Appleton, Wisconsin.

A big welcome to Tammy, who we hope to continue to awkwardly fit into the lyrics of hit songs well into the future. We’re currently working on a little something with Barry Manilow’s “Oh Mandy,” but admittedly it’s a bit of a stretch.