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KK BOLD Market Research Soars to New Level

Full market research surveys done the traditional way, by phone, are quickly losing viability. For the last few years, KK BOLD had found that the typical way of conducting quantitative research was becoming more and more difficult and more and more expensive. The surveys were increasing in cost by 30 to 40 percent a year, plus to contact enough people via phone was taking longer and longer

So, we set to work researching better platforms and survey tools. We narrowed down our favorite to Survey Sparrow, and after conducting several sessions with them, we knew they were the right tool for us. We are currently in a long-term agreement with them.

Survey Sparrow describes themselves as an omni-channel experience management platform. The platform allows us to create a responsive “chat-like” survey for consumers so it’s not only user-friendly, but is customized to the client’s branding and works well on both mobile and desktop.

With a variety of question formats, we are able to customize the responses to ensure not only the best effective data for the client but also the best survey experience for the consumer. The survey can be easily implemented on a variety of advertising platforms such as enewsletters, websites and social media. Because it is interactive with the user, we have noticed much better response and completion rates with longer surveys than we have experienced with other survey platforms. The flexibility of the delivery method also gives us the ability to target specific geographic and demographic groups.

The reporting system offers real-time results, so we can monitor the progress of the survey and determine when targeting efforts via paid advertisements need to be adjusted to ensure statistical weighting goals are met. Once a survey is completed, we are able to provide clients with a report that provides visual charts, such as bar graphs, pie charts and the like, so you aren’t stuck analyzing a bunch of numerical data. Color-coded visuals help us and the client interpret the results much easier. We are also able to drill down into the data via filter and compare features, which allow us to look at a much more specific audience to help strategize the client’s future marketing efforts.

Survey Sparrow has cut the cost to clients by sometimes over 50% and sped up the process so most surveys are completed in just a month. We have been able to get deeper insights into the market as well. Typically for a statewide full market study, we’d get 600 to 700 completed surveys and now we’re averaging 2,500 to 3,500 completed within a 14-day period. This has improved our margin of error dramatically.

Many of our clients had been doing research every other year due to cost restrictions. Now, if there is something very specific they need to know, we can have a survey up at the end of the week at a fraction of the cost.

The cost savings, reduced turnaround time, accuracy and flexibility are great benefits to our clients. If you are interested in market research of this type, please contact us.