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KK BOLD Makes Websites for NDUS, NDOSTC, NDU, NDSF, Other Abbreviations with ND

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Most people do very specific things in the month of January, such as celebrate the New Year with revelry and acknowledge Idaho Human Rights Day if you happen to live in Idaho. We live in North Dakota, though, so KK BOLD spent January launching four websites for clients with North Dakota in their names. These are their stories.

The ND Choose site basically takes the place of the North Dakota University System Viewbook that used to get printed by the tens of thousands and mailed out to prospective college students. You could say we’re saving trees with this website, because we probably are. You’re welcome, trees. It got a new look for 2016 and a bit of an overhaul on how the program finder works. Check it out at ndchoose.com.

The North Dakota Office of State Tax Commissioner has been in existence as a separate agency since 1912. The website that they had was also from that time period, and it was mostly made from clay, paste and wood. We did an entirely new site for them with a wealth of content that has been structured to make it easier than ever to find all of those wonderful tax forms and other information that we so desperately, desperately need right now. Go to nd.gov/tax and please let us know if you’ve seen our W-2 form anywhere.

North Dakota United is a group formed from the ND Education Association and the ND Public Employees Association. When it came time for a new look, we worked closely with ND United staff to bring a great new site to fruition. Ultimately a great thing came out of that union. The union of us and ND United. Because unions. You get it? Visit ndunited.org today, for a more perfect union. Again, ha.

The North Dakota State Fair is “Where Summer Shines” this year, and they needed their yearly site freshening to make that clear. The new look makes a point to show off the Fair’s lineup and offer up the ability to Get Tickets right up front. Personally, we spend most of our time drooling over the Food Finder feature. But we haven’t had lunch yet. Go to ndstatefair.com and you, too, will be hankering for a corn dog.

And that’s just a part of the work we were doing in January, making websites with ND in their URLs. Maybe it was a coincidence, who knows. The other thing they all had in common, they’re all really, really good websites. We’ll have more websites to show you next time, possibly ones not ND-related. Or maybe they will be. We’ll just see.