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KK BOLD Lurks in the Shadows of Job Shadow Week 2017

At KK BOLD, we do a great many things boldly, one of which is working. So boldly do we do our jobs, in fact, that we were recently asked to (boldly) participate in the 2017 Job Shadow Week in coordination with one of our clients, Bismarck-Mandan Development Association. In total, there were 167 students from 12 schools that registered for 225 job shadow slots, a substantial increase over last year. We helped out (boldly) by filling 24 of those slots, allowing students to observe professionals in our graphic design, web development and AV departments.
These lucky students (“lucky” by definition meaning getting to hang out with us, so interpret that as you will) had the opportunity to observe the inner workings of KK BOLD and oversee a variety of our staff’s daily tasks. Here is what a few of them had to say about their time with us here at KK BOLD:

“It was nice to see what I learned in school in an actual company and work setting. It made me feel the content I was learning in school was relevant and lessened my fear of the unknown. Monique did a very good job at going through a step-by-step process of graphic design.” – Ashley, sophomore at Bismarck State College
“Great to see how video production works in an actual work sense than in just an academic sense. I was able to visualize what I would be doing in the environment that I would be actually working in. Tyler is a great guy and answered all of my questions.” – Nicholas W., freshman at University of Mary

“It was not at all really what I expected. There are so many different jobs I would be interested in or could do based on my interests. Tyler was great to observe and work with and also shared all the possibilities that this industry can offer.” – Nicholas P., Junior at Bismarck High School
“What I liked about this job shadow is seeing what the designer did on a regular day-to-day basis. It was also nice knowing that the job wouldn’t be as difficult as I thought it could be. I also, enjoyed the environment which was calm and quiet and seemed to be laid back.” – Natalie, junior at Century High School

“I really enjoyed the atmosphere of KK BOLD and to see how things work in an up-and-coming industry. It was great to chat with Tyler and find out we actually had a lot in common and both worked at a previous radio station. I want to work in event coordination, and it was and I liked getting more information on what the production side of how things work.” – Ally, freshman at University of Mary
“I liked that I was able to see the processes of the projects first hand and get experience in a field I am interested in. I like how Nathan showed me the various projects that KK BOLD has worked on and see how each client is different based on their needs.” – Cassie, Junior at Legacy High School

LaRoy Kingsley, KK BOLD president, also had the opportunity to speak at an event at Bismarck High School on Tuesday, Feb. 21. He spoke with employees of Bismarck High School and the Career Academy in a continuing effort to connect local businesses with educational professionals. There were a variety of local employers there for the teachers to meet and be introduced to the businesses, including KK BOLD. It gave the teachers the opportunity to learn how they may use those business contacts for their students, i.e. classroom speakers, business tours, career information, job shadowing, etc.

So that’s how KK BOLD is (boldly) influencing the minds of the youths of Bismarck. Thanks to the job shadows, hope you all had a good time at the office. And next time we see you, perhaps you’ll be less shadows and more fully illuminated members of the marketing field and/or working for us. You know, if you can do things boldly enough.