505 E Main Ave, Bismarck ND  |  1408 20th Ave SW, Minot ND

KK BOLD hops into the automotive world

Minot Automotive Center took KK BOLD for a test drive this winter, and they liked the way we handled the road.

As Minot grows so do the businesses that keep it hopping along. That’s the case for the Minot Automotive Center who came to us for branding and identity expertise.

After an initial on-site discovery session and tour, we went to work finding the best way to share how friendly, helpful and fair they were — not bad characteristics for an auto dealer, eh? As the foundation for their marketing, we then created “Hop in.” as their tagline, which not only encourages people to visit Minot Automotive Center, but also to try out their many shiny toys.

Bold Shots Behind the Scenes at Minot Automotive Center

From this foundation and through several winter storms, we then developed television, radio and outdoor advertising. After this campaign, if there are still those who don’t know who Minot Automotive Center is and what they’re all about, then they’re probably working at a rival dealership and going through denial.

Here’s a look at a few pieces of the campaign:

:30 TV | “Simple” | Minot Automotive Center

Digital Billboard | Hop In | Minot Automotive Center

Branding campaign for Minot Automotive Center

:30 TV | “Everything” | Minot Automotive Center