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KK BOLD Creative staff Courtney Crane and Clayton Hove celebrate work anniversaries


When you peek behind the scenes at KK BOLD, you will find the lifeblood of our creative department.

Nestled between vintage advertisements from years gone by and desks stacked with papers and AP style guides you’ll find Creative Director Clay Hove and resident Copywriter Courtney Crane.

You will find their touches throughout our clients’ ads from newspapers to new media. Clay and Courtney have been providing their witty copy and award-winning writing for nearly two decades apiece.

“I work with some great people, which has helped the time go quickly,” Hove says.

While Crane says, 20 years hasn’t diminished the sense of pride she feels when writing for her clients.

“The opportunity to collaborate with many clients at a time has really kept my work interesting,” Crane says.

Hove began working at KK BOLD in February 1997. Courtney Crane began lending her pen to KK BOLD in February 2000.

“It’s a pretty sweet gig. I get to come up with ideas that help our clients grow, and then, they tell others about us and that helps us grow,” Hove says.

Congratulations, Clay and Courtney, and thank you for celebrating 22 and 19 years with KK BOLD!