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KK BOLD Announces Creative Team Promotions

Graphic design that looks effortless is usually an indication of the talent behind the work.

Recognition of that talent at KK BOLD prompted LaRoy Kingsley, president, to promote three members of the creative team whose graphic designs breathe life into the brands created for our clients. The promotions include:

Art director Janene Pudwill to senior art director
Graphic designer Monique Kingsley to art director
Graphic designer Nathan Engel to art director


“I’m very proud of the work produced by our graphic design team,” LaRoy Kingsley said. “All three bring a unique set of design skills to the table. Nate and Monique have been designing and art directing projects for our clients for many years. It was time to recognize their skills in a more formal fashion. Janene has been our art director for several years, and this promotion shows our trust in her and that she has achieved a very high level of success.

“For our clients, it means they can trust that people with outstanding skills, years of experience and a thorough knowledge of the profession are working on their projects,” he said.


In their own words, the art directors credit their success to team work and challenging one another:

Janene Pudwill: As a senior art director, I need to be a good leader who inspires and guides the visions of the design team. To me, that means paying attention to details, being a good planner and being open-minded when critiquing other designers’ work. No two artists design the same. I appreciate each team member’s talents, strengths and weaknesses. By working together, we carry the client’s overall brand and design elements into each project we work on from start to finish.

Monique Kingsley: The thing I enjoy about art directing is it’s not a one-person job. Suggestions from art directors, graphic designers and creative-minded peeps create an atmosphere of collaboration. The biggest challenge is being open to criticism. The biggest reward is seeing the outcome. For me, the secret to success is never thinking my way is the only way. Starting from a concept, creating a design and carrying that design across all formats is a rewarding process. Our graphic design team rocks!

Nathan Engel: We have a great graphic design team that works very well together. We collaborate, bounce ideas off one another, offer suggestions and challenge each other’s creativity. We all strive to make each other better and to provide the best design we can for our clients.