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Kendra Puts the “Intern” Into the Internal Combustion Engine That is KK BOLD


Interns. We love them dearly here at KK BOLD. Thus, we also love dearly (in a strictly platonic way, we assure you) Kendra Weigel, who has been interning at our Bismarck office for the summer, and is continuing to help out as our new Media & Online Traffic Assistant.

Kendra is from Bismarck and went to high school at St. Mary’s Central High School (Class of 2013). She is currently pursuing a double major in Marketing and Business Administration at the University of Mary (“graduating in May!!!” she adds, with three exclamation points because she knows that makes the senior writer’s teeth hurt). Kendra was hired as an intern in February. “I’d like to think my unofficial title is ‘Wow-that-really-persistent-girl-who-won’t-stop-emailing-you,’” Kendra says incorrectly about her job title. “Which I’ve become pretty great at, if I’m gonna toot my own horn.” Interns are not allowed to toot horns at the KK BOLD offices according to our job policy handbook, so it’s a very good thing we promoted her.

Kendra’s interests include but are not limited to the following:
• Hammocks
• “My Chacos” (No idea. Perhaps she means Chaco Tacos? We’ll look into that.)
• Dogs
• A cappella covers of any song, except hopefully “Blurred Lines” by Robin Thicke
• The Oxford Comma (Which she is not allowed to use, as it makes the senior writer’s teeth hurt and he has been here longer, so she defers to his wisdom. As she well should.)

Kendra’s job duties as an intern, and now as Media & Online Traffic Assistant, include monitoring online traffic, overseeing proofreading and creating online reports. “One time I brought Penny [Blotsky] coffee because she hurt her ankle,” Kendra says, “And I felt like a real intern.” Well done. “Media is a beast, or so I’ve been told,” she added. “Just when you think you have a handle on it, and everything is ‘good to go,’ it will find an opportunity to serve you a piece or seven of humble pie.” We do enjoy having pie occasionally at the KK BOLD offices, or rather we should.

Asked for words of intern wisdom, Kendra contributes that “It’s never too late in the afternoon for coffee,” and “Talking on the phone isn’t as scary as my brain has made it out to be.” We agree that Kendra’s brain is frequently wrong about how scary things are, but we do all still welcome her and thank her for her interning this summer, and continuing to contribute while she goes back to school. As we said earlier, interns are the greatest. Coffee that delivers itself right to you! As if by magic!