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Keeping up with Facebook

Facebook continues to change its algorithm and make it more difficult for marketers to reach target audiences, but it remains one of the most important channels for marketers today.

Although organic reach from Facebook is between 1% and 6%, we must first understand that Facebook’s algorithm is looking for highly engaging content. Facebook wants to be the next generation of digital streaming for television and video is the most engaging content.

A recommended ratio of content for a business or a personal page on Facebook is 70% video, 20% photos and 10% links. Links is the lowest reach and engagement on this platform. Facebook Live gets 6 times the engagement than regular video does and hosting watch parties performs even better since people are 800 more likely to comment during a watch party video than watching the video solo. Another well known way to spark engagement is to ask short simple questions.

Here are four tips to aid your Facebook success:
1) Post less content. This may sound crazy, but less posts with engaging content rather than frequent posts that don’t engage is key.
2) Drive traffic from all other sources to your post. Every post on Facebook has its own unique link and timestamp. Share this link on Twitter and all other channels to drive traffic to your Facebook post, thus Facebook sees your page as getting more traffic.
3) Integrate a Messenger Chatbot.
4) Allocate ad budget for your best performing posts.

Three No-nos:
1) Do not post YouTube links — Facebook and YouTube are polar opposites.
2) Avoid engagement bait like asking for comments, shares and likes.
3) Avoid being completely off target from your brand messaging.

KK BOLD was recently selected to be a member of the Facebook Marketing Partner for Agencies program. Our membership gives us even more expertise to help our clients navigate and succeed in Facebook marketing.

Monique Kingsley 
Social Media Director