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Jerome’s Collision Center Collides Head-On With New TV Campaign

For those people spending their time outside this summer, there may be the occasional unfortunate incidents that will require a collision center of high repute to help bang out the day-to-day fender benders typically caused by an increase in people seeking fresh air in the great outdoors. For those people and their benders to their fenders, Jerome’s Collision Center in Minot is able to help, and KK BOLD was able to help them advertise their ability to help with a new TV ad.

Jerome’s Collision Center debuted a brand new TV commercial for 2015. To create the ad, KK BOLD spent a day in the Jerome’s shop capturing footage of the collision repair process. Amidst the sanding, drilling and painting, there was plenty of action to capture to film. Nolan and Tyler, our resident AV experts, helped mix a beautifully crafted TV spot, which you can see for yourself through the miracle of your computer monitor by clicking below.


So now, thanks to their new ad, Jerome’s will be able to assist more people in the Minot area in making their cars look shinier and happier. The result is a better view for those on the highways in the coming summer months and holiday weekends. No need to thank us. We’re just doing what we can.