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It’s Time to be Adaptable

Scroll through your feed on Facebook or LinkedIn and it’s the dominant subject. Watch or read the news and it’s in the lead stories.

No, I’m not talking about Millennials, although I wish I was.

But it’s here, it’s very real, and it’s probably going to be around for awhile.

So what’s a brand to do?

Stay true.

More specifically, stay true to your brand’s core values but adapt to the situation.

Distilleries have gone from making spirits to making hand sanitizer.

Fashion brands have shifted from producing infinity scarves to face masks.

Restaurants have changed from predominantly dine-in to curbside pickup and delivery.

Grocery stores have established special times for seniors and other vulnerable groups to shop.

Schools have switched to online learning from home. There’s still a few kinks to work out with this one (most of my coworkers are parents), but they’re trying, darn it. And yes, I consider a school a brand.

But don’t disappear or hide until it’s all over, or it will be.

Stay true.

Be positive.

Find ways to help. Find new ways to do what you do.

Be the ray of light in the darkness.

And advertising is still a great way to let people know what you’re doing and what your brand has to offer. We can help you with that. And when the clouds clear and things are back to normal, your brand might not just be in your customers’ minds, but in their hearts as well.

Stay true.

Try something new.

And wash your hands.


— Clayton Hove is KK BOLD’s creative director and trying really hard not to be distracted by all the squirrels in his back yard.