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Introducing TruCommunity Bank

KK BOLD was recently involved with the rebranding of banks owned by McLean Bank Holding Company and run by Jamie Nelson, president and CEO.

Nelson approached KK after having seen some previous work of ours, and was hoping we could get involved in her project. The bank group was implementing a brand new banking system that would significantly streamline the operation systems of three banks; Farmers Security Bank, Garrison State Bank & Trust and Bank of Turtle Lake.

Because of this unique opportunity to expand and enhance their operations for their customer base, it also felt like the perfect time to bring all three banks under the same brand.

KK BOLD was tasked with gathering information from stake holders and doing an in-depth delve into the history of the banks in their communities and where they were headed. After this process we moved into name development. We presented several name options and after thorough discussions among the banks they ultimately chose TruCommunity Bank.

Included in the rebranding process were a logo, including animated logo, signage, graphics, visual identity package, brand usage guide, print ads, search engine registration, talking points for staff and customers, social media presence and four videos used in a paid online launch campaign.

KK BOLD President, LaRoy Kingsley adds “Since none of the key stakeholders had been through this process before, we really enjoyed walking them through every step and getting their feedback on each element. They were eager to embrace this transformation and great to work with.”