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I am just asking questions, is all

Here’s a couple questions for you.

Do you use Twitter?

Do you use Snapchat?

Do you use Facebook?

How about LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Pandora or Whatsapp?

Do you pin, post, share, tweet, text, chat, listen or blog?

Do you do several of these in a day? In an hour?

How many apps do you have on your phone? Five, ten, fifteen, twenty or more?

How many different passwords do you use for all of those, plus things like bank accounts, frequent flyer programs, credit card payments, iTunes, games, cell phone accounts and the list goes on. And since when did someone hacking into our bank account information become an ongoing part of daily life?

So how do we keep it all straight?  Will we, as people, simply reach a point where enough is enough? Or is our capability to add another feature into our mental library unlimited?

And where are we getting the time to use and enjoy all this new technology? Are we taking it from time spent watching TV or reading the paper or listening to radio? Or is it taken out of the time spent with our kids and our families and our friends? Maybe it’s all just making us so much more productive and efficient that we easily squeeze it in without it interfering with our work or time we used to donate to a better cause.

Are we having to forget all sorts of things we’ve learned in the past just to make room for all this new information? Or is the current day and age proving that the human brain is capable of continuously learning and retaining more new information? Well, of course it is, but what happens when this entire generation of people who have placed and invested so much of who and what they are to an online world begin to age? When passwords are forgotten, when access to pictures and memories are lost? I don’t know, but I’m sure hoping they’ll have an app for it.

Will coming generations rise up and revolt against this societal progression and deem it the new uncool, or will the advancement continue at a pace that makes it hard for us to realize how far we’ve gone until it’s too late to find anywhere close to where we were? Or is where we’re going actually a more enlightened and aware state of being that does break down barriers and bring the world closer and make peace more of a reality?

The civilized human race is obsessed with the mass consumption of products and food and natural resources. And now, in a very short period of time, we have become obsessed with the consumption of new technology. Will this lead us to a point that we use it for human and environmental good, or will it just continue to make us fatter and lazier and more careless with the land?

If it is your business to stay out in front of the latest trends and technologies, has your job ever been harder?

Or, is it because of all the latest trends and technologies that staying out in front of your job has never been easier? Just looking for some answers. Feel free to leave them in the comments below.


LaRoy Kingsley is the president of KK BOLD, and yes, he is aware that was more than just a couple of questions, so please don’t feel the need to point that out.