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Guests “Live a Little” at Little Creek Casino Resort


Little Creek Casino Resort turned to KK BOLD for a fresh new brand and a consistent approach to marketing the property and its many amenities.

“Little Creek was familiar with our work in the Olympia, Washington, market, which helped us get a jumpstart on establishing a strong working relationship with their internal marketing team,” said Stephanie Schoenrock, KK BOLD vice president. “We’ve come a long way in a short period of time, and each step in the process has been rewarding for their team and ours.”

Starting with a discovery session in December 2017, Little Creek and KK BOLD combined forces to develop a new communication plan, review existing marketing materials and methods, establish consistent branding throughout casino properties and identify opportunities for growth.

“So much has been accomplished already,” Schoenrock said, “and – based on the feedback and results – we’re really excited about Phase 2 of this journey.”

The first step in rebranding the casino was development of the “Live a Little” tagline and a fresh new graphic design that conveys the energy of the property. KK BOLD and Little Creek’s marketing team launched the new brand via the casino’s traditional, online and social media marketing campaign. “Live a Little” also makes quite an impression as the tagline whizzes by on the sides of mass transit buses in the area.

Phase 2 will kick off in May and will focus on extending the new brand to Salish Cliffs Golf Club and Seven Inlets Spa, both integral parts of Little Creek’s broad variety of resort features.

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Two thumbs up to the creatives and designers for putting together a beautiful, sophisticated, modern look for the casino. Personally, what a great little tagline, no pun intended. Nicely done!

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