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Greentube Gets Bold

Ours was a match made on the internet. When Gabriel Cianchetto, Greentube’s president of market development in North America, was searching online for an agency, he came upon the oh-so-humble KK BOLD.  What he found wasn’t humble at all. Our site caught his attention, and he was impressed with our work as well as the fact that we have offices in North Dakota and Las Vegas, NV.

Gabriel was looking for an agency with proven marketing skills and acumen to work with him in getting the word out about Greentube Pro, the company’s new B2B social casino gaming product.

It’s a lot of fun to get in on the ground floor of marketing a new product for a client. KK BOLD was excited about the opportunity to help shape the way Greentube Pro is presented to the casino operators who make up its target market.

The First Steps

In establishing Greentube Pro’s brand, KK BOLD understood the importance of breaking through the typically bold design of the gaming industry. We did so by using a vivid color scheme and taking a clean approach to the graphic design.

Based in Vienna, Austria, the Greentube parent company already has a website – greentube.com. KK BOLD established Greentube Pro’s presence on that site and launched greentubepro.com to serve as a lead generator and online marketing tool for the new product. This page includes general information, a download of the Top 10 Reasons to Consider Social Casino Gaming that opts in prospective clients, an informational piece and a curated news section filled with top stories in the social casino gaming industry.

Greentube Pro gets a look for their launch

We also created the first ever print collateral for Greentube Pro that was used to market the product during NIGA, the National Indian Gaming Association conference held in San Diego in May, and an ad for an upcoming social casino conference. An additional step in our comprehensive marketing plan was a LinkedIn strategy for Greentube Pro which leads the social aspects for the company.

Greentube couldn’t be happier with our work, and we’re not exaggerating!

“KK BOLD has greatly exceeded our expectations,” Gabriel said. “Greentube officials and other partners involved in launching Greentube Pro have been very impressed with the quality of KK BOLD’s work and the time in which you’ve pulled off a major marketing effort.”

This bold project is just getting started. Stay tuned to our blog for updates on our work with this cutting edge client!