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Great. Big. Attendance.

Fair doesn’t nearly go far enough in describing how this year’s North Dakota State Fair went. This year’s attendance was the second highest on record, and a big part of why that happened is because of the collaboration between NDSF and KK BOLD.  We’ve worked together for 12 years. The fair keeps putting their best into producing the best fair and KK BOLD keeps developing and refining the best of marketing programs.

What We Did

For 2014, we freshened up the look and the feel of the Fair’s advertising, with an all-new redesign for all the pieces. We extended that to the Fair’s website, at www.ndstatefair.com. The new progressive site design uses animations to make browsing as much fun as being at the Fair.

Another highlight of the 2014 marketing campaign were the Fair’s TV and radio ads. This year, “Great. Big. Fun.” was paired up with specialized songs written about the Fair. With music produced entirely in-house, the spots really stood out this year and inspired a lot of positive feedback from viewers.

See the complete 2014 campaign.

How It Worked

At the conclusion of the 2014 ND State Fair, the results really shined. This year’s attendance went down as the second highest number on record. For the nine days, 314,446 people came to the 2014 Fair. The Grandstand featured two nights of more than 13 thousand fans, and the attendance on the Fair’s final day saw 38,674 people walk through the gates – the second highest total of all time. In addition to the high attendance numbers, there were over 1 million website page views from the time the Grandstand concerts were first announced to the last day of the Fair.

“This year, more than 314,000 people entered the State Fair gates and smiles were found all over the grounds.” says North Dakota State Fair Marketing Director Jennifer Hubrig. “The State Fair staff was very pleased with a fun and successful nine days. We really enjoy working with KK BOLD to develop fantastic concepts that truly portray the fun and excitement that a fair attendee feels when they purchase their tickets and plan to attend.”

It was a blast working on advertising for the 2014 North Dakota State Fair, and we’re even more excited for next year, when the State Fair celebrates its fiftieth anniversary. Stay tuned and see what we have planned. The only thing for certain is it’ll be the biggest and best year yet, just like every year is for KK BOLD and the North Dakota State Fair.

We did what we do every year – gave the Fair an all-encompassing advertising effort that helped set the stage for the Fair to do what they do every year – rock the state for nine days straight.