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GA4 and the future of analytics

The next mind-bending change to happen to every business who relies upon an online marketing program to sell their goods and services is coming soon. And initially, the experts say, it’s not all good. Google Analytics, which has been the primary measurement tool for website traffic, quality and performance is being completely phased out by October of 2023 and is being replaced by Google Analytics 4 (GA4). This change is being brought about primarily due to privacy concerns and possible legislation that would outlaw how businesses track and retain their customers online information and habits.

As the included article states, the time to begin preparing for GA4 is yesterday. Here at KK BOLD, we have already added GA4 to all of our clients’ websites and have dedicated a team to studying, researching and analyzing how this new platform will affect our clients’ businesses. In the coming months we will be meeting with all of our clients to give them an initial overview and prepare them for this significant change in how their data will look. If you’re managing your analytics internally, now is the time to get your team up to speed. If you outsource it, make sure that the company you retain is already working to keep your business up to speed.