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DV360 is the next generation of Google Marketing

Excuse us while we geek out for a few minutes about the Google Marketing Platform — Display & Video 360.

DV360 is a platform for programmatic media buying, allowing advertisers and marketers to activate media buys with maximum control. It offers a single tool for planning campaigns, designing and managing creatives, organizing and applying audience data, finding and buying inventory, and measuring and optimizing campaigns. DV360 also has additional tools to make advertisements more precisely targeted. You can limit the operating system, browser, device and so much more. There is a lot of info crammed into that paragraph — We’ll wait while you reread it.

Ready to dive back in? Because there’s more. DV360 offers a marketplace for businesses to search, negotiate and deal directly with the biggest publishers online. It allows marketers to easily discover high-quality and fraud-free inventory from the best available – not to mention the access to the YouTube ad inventory isn’t something that other networks can offer.

DV360 is also a great intermediary, allowing marketers to enjoy the benefits of large networks while publishers can monetize their best ad inventory. This programmatic platform offers a range of advanced features that you don’t commonly come across on most display platforms. For example, frequency capping and budget pacing can give the maximum level of control over your campaigns. Even the reporting tools are extremely thorough and break down information to a microscopic level to gain the best insights. Did you catch that? Microscopic level! Don’t take us too literally here. You know what we mean.

Overall, Google Display & Video 360 is an efficient programmatic media tool for larger brands that look to drive growth and build brand awareness. It simplifies the management of programmatic campaigns with advanced ad creation tools, targeting settings, expanded inventory marketplace, and reporting options, all of which have great flexibility and customizability.

What this all means for you is that KK BOLD has more tools available to track what works for your marketing. If this made you snore, we’re good with that. We’ll take it from here.