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Data Detectives

Want to better understand your ad performance? KK BOLD creates reports for you to track all of your ads across multiple platforms in real time! There are endless variations of charts that we can provide to showcase information from a variety of sources. From basic reporting to more advanced charts, we can better track and analyze all of your advertising performance. We use a data source to pull data from Google Display Ads, Facebook Ads, Analytics, Instagram and more.

Empowered with this critical information, your team can make better decisions at the exact moment they need to make them. Research shows that leading marketers using digital information are 50% more likely than mainstream marketers to have a clear understanding of customer journeys at every touchpoint. When you have access to this information, more people in your organization can know what’s happening, identify opportunities, and make better business decisions.

Google Data Studio is a data visualization and reporting tool, an integral part of the Google Marketing Platform and therefore an essential resource for KK BOLD. It gives us the the ability to access the information we need to help you make real-time decisions about your advertising goals. We would love to have an opportunity to create reports of your advertising campaigns and discuss strategy. Here at KK BOLD, your data is beautiful!

Monique Kingsley, KK BOLD’s social media director, has had an affinity for data for many years. No, she is not a Trekkie.