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Daniel is the Man(iel) at KK BOLD

If you’re a frequent reader of the KK BOLD blog (which you should be, because they are awesome and also because you are reading it right now), you may remember us having written about our new graphic designer Kayce Ehli having relocated to Bismarck from Seattle. Well, our newest A/V producer Daniel Smith is also a recent transplant to the area, him having been originally from Michigan. So apparently, KK BOLD has become a hub for young people from all across the country for some reason. We won’t argue. That seems like a good thing to want to be.

As mentioned, Daniel Smith has joined the staff at KK BOLD. Daniel is our newest audio/video producer, which is the kind of thing marketing agencies need from time to time, which is why we hired one. His experience includes five years of work for a production company in Grand Rapids. Daniel received a bachelor’s degree in visual communication from Cornerstone University in Grand Rapids. He’s already fitting in here at KK BOLD exceptionally well, except for when he brings his bike into the office. He says it’s because he doesn’t want to buy a bike chain. We think it’s because he’s cheap. But we are impressed that he manages to get that thing all the way up the stairs.

Regardless of his spendthrift ways, we still welcome Daniel to KK BOLD and also to Bismarck. In case nobody’s mentioned yet, it’s cold here. Not Michigan cold, mind you. Much, much worse.