505 E Main Ave, Bismarck ND  |  1408 20th Ave SW, Minot ND

Coyote Business Park Levels Up

KK Bold’s prior work preceded us and helped Coyote Business Park find the right agency for the job. Due to our extensive experience working with Native American entities, the Coyote Business Park team was familiar with our work and knew who to call when they were looking to develop new marketing materials.

We worked on both a logo and website. They needed a logo and web design that reflected the values of the business park along with its regional advantages. In the end their team ended up choosing two logos. The logos each had advantages in different applications but were complementary to each other and kept things cohesive. One of the logos will be used primarily in letterhead, apparel and the website; the other for large location signage.

For the website we suggested they make use of existing photography, but suggested new shots they could take to incorporate design aspects of the new logos into the site. We also worked with them on restructuring the navigation to make it easier for the end user, and moved more of the important content front and center. The end result? An attractive website that does its job, and a happy client.