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Common Misconceptions about Marketing on Instagram

Could Instagram be fantastic for your business, but you haven’t been able to figure it out?

There are three common beliefs that stop marketers from investing time on Instagram.

Here’s what’s NOT required to improve your Instagram marketing:

1. You do NOT need influencers.

Working with seemingly flawless humans to promote your products is not a viable strategy for long term success. Everyone knows that influencers are paid to smile and say nice things about you and your product.

2. You do NOT need stunning photography.

Photo perfection won’t improve your marketing on Instagram and will hurt your budget. Instead, raw and authentic is the new beautiful.

3. You do NOT need to camp out on Instagram.

You have other obligations. Instagram marketing done right doesn’t need to be a huge commitment of time. With improvements on Facebook including Creator Studio, you can now cross-post easier than ever to both your Facebook and Instagram accounts.

So how exactly do you improve your IG marketing?

You simply need smart strategies. And that’s where we can help.