Why We Do This

Our venture into gaming was a calculated one. From the beginning, we understood that gaming facilities could greatly benefit from the implementation of a strategically sound, creatively aggressive marketing program that concentrated on two primary areas: player retention and new player development.

Our initial objectives are brand analysis and brand development. With our clients, we examine, through market research and historical data, where they currently stand in the market place versus where they could realistically be. Then we begin a positioning – or, if needed, repositioning – process, to help properties efficiently maximize strengths. That part of the strategy includes a heavy emphasis on guest communication programs.

What We Offer

What we have to offer is complete advertising and marketing capabilities that are, simply put, second to none. Our various team members are involved in strategic planning, market analysis, branding, media planning and placement, creative development, design, copywriting, audio/video production, public relations, social media and full internet marketing and website development.

What You Get

If you are interested in moving to that next level, we are ready to take you there. We have a number of products and services available to you, all of which are designed to increase brand awareness amongst your potential consumer base.

Indian Gaming

Indian gaming has proven itself to be a resounding success story. It has provided lifeblood for Native American tribes and grown into a monster industry within the U.S. This success owes a great deal to the commitment of those who operate Indian gaming facilities, and also to the Native American people who both support and benefit from it. But another key factor has been successful marketing and branding within the gaming industry. KK BOLD is proud to have been involved in the growth of Indian gaming over the last 20 years.

When it comes to gaming, experience is essential to success. There are very few, if any, advertising agencies in the country that have as much experience in Indian gaming marketing as KK BOLD – from Prairie Knights Casino & Resort, an organization that we’ve worked with since their inception 25 years ago, to Little Creek Casino, an already established facility that we’ve adapted to and taken to a higher level. We are capable of both implementing marketing strategies for emerging gaming endeavors or improving pre-existing programs for established ones.

So, although we would never pretend to completely understand, we have worked side by side with Native American groups for over two decades, and that has provided us with an insight that we feel can only be beneficial to our ability to assist Tribal gaming efforts.

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