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Carlos is Crackalackin New Contribution to KK BOLD Company


We’re getting closer to being caught up in introducing all our newest employees at KK BOLD. This issue of the e-news brings us Carlos de León, our newest addition to the A/V department at KK BOLD and presumably a distant relative of Ponce de León, the famous settler and conquistador who discovered Florida in his search for the fountain of youth. He might not actually be related (we haven’t asked him yet), but boy, wouldn’t that be something if he was?

Carlos is KK BOLD’s new A/V Director/Producer/Editor, which we can all agree is an awful lot of slashies for a job title. He got his education from the University of South Dakota, and for the last nine years he has worked in South Dakota, Arizona, California, Minnesota and now North Dakota at various ad agencies and video production companies. Another thing we haven’t asked him yet is which state he’s liked best, but let’s just assume North Dakota because that would seem obvious.

In his free time (if he ever gets any, which for someone in our A/V department is unlikely), Carlos enjoys collecting comic books, reading and collecting books/novels, playing sports such as soccer, and watching and collecting films on DVD and BluRay.

A hearty welcome to Carlos to KK BOLD and also to North Dakota, which is a state we’re not certain who originally founded, but whoever they were, they were probably not looking for a fountain at the time. Because it would freeze over, in all likelihood. Regardless, just welcome in general, Carlos.