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Buzzwords and Bigwords

Buzzwords have been around for a long time. Many died a quick death, while some have lived on throughout the years. When those of us here at KK BOLD look to the future of the web and what some up-and-coming trends may be, we sometimes run into buzzwords and phrases that can make a concept more confusing, rather than simplifying it. On occasion, we run into a term that isn’t truly a buzzword. I like to call them “bigwords” (Hey, if that catches on, it’ll be a buzzword. Irony!) because they use phrases or terms that are more obscure than the thing they are trying to describe.

Some of our favorite buzzwords and bigwords are below (with explanations and examples) – you may be hearing about them soon.


Synesthetic Feedback – pictures that make you smell/hear/feel something else. For example, something like this image may make you crave a chocolate chip cookie and ice-cold milk. Unless you’re a robot. You’re not a robot, are you?


Hamburger Menu – Not to be confused with what you can order at your favorite burger joint. Also, now I’m hungry. Simply put, the hamburger menu icon has become the industry standard way to denote that you can tap/click for a full menu. Many sites now feature the hamburger menu icon even on a full-size desktop, as the web becomes designed increasingly as mobile-first.

Skeuomorphism – Making your user interface resemble a real-world object. The “Recycle Bin” icon on your computer, for instance.


Flat Design – Moving away from skeuomorphism and any appearance of depth in your UI. No beveled edges, tiles with words replacing icons, no 3D effects. The Windows 10 Start Menu is an example of flat design.


Card Design – Having your content broken out into multiple “cards.” Each card is a perfect size for a mobile device, and on a desktop computer you can view multiple cards at once. Pinterest is an example. Some B2B sites may move to all card-based content.



The use of buzzwords and bigwords seems to be more and more common. What are some of your favorites? Which ones do you despise? (I hated “Web 2.0” personally.)

Kalvin Kingsley is the VP of Information Technology for KK BOLD. He has decided it is time to act with robust ideation and pivot our team visibility to enact a paradigm shift.