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Bully! Medora Begins Tourism Season With Great Numbers

Summer seems to have started, with the increase in temperatures and in interest by families in making a trip to Medora. You’re probably wanting to go to Medora right this very moment, and you’re not alone. Because right now, at the beginning of the summer tourist season, Medora is seeing a markedly high level in their visitor numbers. We may have had a little something to do with that.

Even though the state of North Dakota has seen a continuing decline in the oil economy, tickets sales for Medora are still on pace with last year’s record-setting numbers. We are already into our second online BOGO campaign for the Medora Musical, which has been seeing some great movement. We also have a focus on the new shows at Medora, which include Jared Mason LIVE and the Medora Gospel Brunch Medora, to help drive awareness that Medora has more than just the Musical to offer.

Currently, we are digging into and dissecting the numbers to better target the Medora audience with radio and online ads. Additionally, we are adding in the use of native videos, where we will feature golf tips and other compelling facts about Medora.

We also had the opportunity to update all static billboards. The creative team came up with some eye-catching new designs that are currently up around the state, helping drive even more folks to the Musical and Bully Pulpit!

Summer’s just getting started, but Medora’s numbers out of the gate are extremely encouraging. So we’re excited to see just where the season goes. If you’re looking for your own family getaway this summer, look no further. Just tell them that we sent you.