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At KK BOLD, We Are All Mad Men (And Women)

If you are not familiar with how an advertising agency works or what that terminology even means, then be prepared to learn about KK BOLD. For anyone who is familiar with the show Mad Men, then you know exactly how advertising works, or so you always thought.

Like any TV show versus reality, there are some major differences. Probably the biggest difference is that we don’t drink that much…well, during business hours that is. The weekend, on the other hand, is a whole different ball game. The other difference is that we don’t have just one Don Draper, we have several Don Drapers. Well, the professional and creative Don Drapers that is, not the unprofessional, self-destructive Don Drapers.

Long before Mad Men was even created, I have had an interest in KK BOLD. This is not because of my obsession with Mad Men, but more so my marketing background. I have only been with KK BOLD for three months, but during this short time I have learned that this company is not only awesome to work for, but everyone is very talented and passionate about their job, much like the creative team at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. In the words of Peggy Olson, “I don’t think anyone wants to be one of a hundred colors in a box.” The talents who work here are certainly more than just varied shades of magenta.

So if you haven’t heard of Mad Men before (which is unlikely), you are now just a bit more knowledgable about the show and how it relates to KK BOLD. So when you hear or see anything marketing or ad agency related, you will automatically link Mad Men and KK BOLD in your mind as you think of this article. Or that is our hope anyway.

Lindsey Dockter is an account executive at KK BOLD and now we’re curious to know which of us are the Don Drapers on staff. That Jon Hamm, he’s a charismatic dude.