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Are blogs worth it?

Social media is weird. Parents and grandparents are flocking to Facebook just as their children and grandchildren are fleeing it. For some strange reason, Twitter is trying to be more and more like Facebook. Google+ inexplicably still hasn’t been deactivated like the rest of Google’s social experiments. Tumblr is awash in a Yahoo wave of awkward nudity, stolen cartoons and puppy pictures. Posts on Snapchat disappear like stray thoughts. Instagram is filled with selfies, cats and food porn. LinkedIn is little more than a fancy Rolodex, allowing people to go job hunting while their current employers look on. And Facebook-killers like Ello drop out of sight almost as quickly as they come into view. And don’t forget about Friendster and MySpace! Oh, you had forgotten about Friendster and MySpace until just now? Sorry about that.

Then there’s the blog.

Remember the blog?

This article is in a blog.


In the social media world, the blog has been the Rock of Gibraltar. Solid and steadfast. Dusty and crusty. Yet the blog still holds some key advantages for businesses:

>> Brevity! You’re not limited to 140 characters, but don’t get carried away, because attention spans are still rather short these days. Try to keep them under 380 words.

>> Personality! A blog is where your brand can shine. Want to be seen as knowledgable? Be informative. Want to be seen as personable? Tell them a story they can relate to. Want to be seen as pretentious? Then pepper your article with French words like “haute”, “vis-à-vis” or “latrine”.

>> Searches! Search engines dig blogs, and that helps your company show up in returns. More bloggery, more better!

>> Pictures! You can post more than one photo at a time! People like photos. Say howdy to our new executive assistant! Check out the team assembling our new Butterblaster 3000! Look what somebody left in the office refrigerator! The first 500 people to order our sparkly new diamond ankle bracelet get it at half price!

>> Sharing! Once you post something in your blog, you can share it on your other social media channels, like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, LinkedIn, and so on. I’m not sure about MySpace, but probably.

So are blogs worth it? Yes, Virginia. Blogs are worth it.

— Clay Hove is KK BOLD’s creative director and has blogging detritus going back before Y2K.