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An Ad Idea’s Epic Journey From Beginning to End


Few people who work outside of marketing know the process by which an ad is created, either because they legitimately have no idea or They never really thought about it before. Today, we’d like to clue you in to the inner workings of an ad’s creation, in this case, how an Idea (which we will call Ichabod) makes its hero journey to become an Online Ad. These are the steps that Ichabod the Idea will take in his hero’s journey.

Ichabod’s Iliad first begins with Andromeda the Account Executive, as good things often do. Andromeda works with Calpurnius the Client to find out what Calpurnius’s goals are in regards to marketing. This helps to first shape what kind of an Idea Ichabod will be, whether he is a strong, fully fleshed-out Idea or just the rough outline of an Idea, to be brought more fully into form once Ichabod reaches the Production stage. But that’s skipping ahead in the story.

The next chapter in Ichabod’s tale takes place with Medea the Media Buyer, who works with Andromeda the Account Executive to find out what Calpurnius the Client’s needs are and plans which media to buy in order to reach the Client’s marketing goals.

The next step in our journey takes us to the Production department, where Perseus the Production Manager takes the media order from Medea the Media Buyer and assigns it to our ragtag group of copywriters and graphic designers. First up is Cassandra the Copywriter, who fleshes out the concept of the ad and writes the copy. The copy and concept then ends up with Galavant the Graphic Designer, who designs the ads in the different sizes required depending on which vendors the Media Buyer bought from. Ichabod the Idea has now officially become Odysseus the Online Ad.

Now that we have an Ad, it gets sent to Proofreading, where at least two Proofreaders (let’s call them Hector and Penelope) look over every ad to make sure the copy matches what was placed in the ad and to spot any typos or other concerns with the design. It is then also, passed along to the client for review/approval. Once it passes the Proofreading stage, it next ends up in the hands of Orpheus the Online Traffic Personnel, who take instructions from the Andromeda the Account Executive (Remember her? From the beginning?) who sends the traffic form which gives directions on where and who to send the ads to. Tracking links are created to attach to the traffic email and confirmation is received from vendors that the traffic has been received. And thus, we reach the end of our tale.

So there you have the full story of an Idea’s journey into becoming an Ad. And that same journey is taken multiple times by multiple Ads all day, every day at KK BOLD. That’s a lot of adventure happening all of the time, all in the same place. For us, it’s just another day in the life of an advertising agency.

Kendra Weigel is a Media & Online Traffic Assistant at KK BOLD and came up with the concept for this truly epic blog post.