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Agency Spotlight: KK BOLD Media Placement Division

This month, our Agency Spotlight falls upon the humble and hard-working staffers in our media placement department. Here at KK BOLD, we’re very aware of the necessity of a strong, knowledgeable media department placing advertisements with skill and economy. To use an analogy involving breakfast pastries, which are the only kinds we ever use, think of the media department as being the baking powder in the list of ingredients needed to make a muffin. You probably didn’t even know that baking powder is a part of a muffin, but if it’s not there, the muffin doesn’t rise. Same goes for media buying. Without that very key element, it all just turns to mush.

At KK BOLD, we pride ourselves on having media department employees that have knowledge in all mediums and facets of advertising. Our skilled team of media buyers consists of Penny Blotsky, Bridget Schemel and Elise Braun, and is overseen by KK BOLD Vice President Stephanie Schoenrock. Penny has over 25 years of experience in media buying, particularly in television, and a deep reservoir of knowledge in trade negotiations and working with various reps to get the best rates for our clients. Bridget, who worked previously in print, has considerable knowledge of working with markets outside of our region and is the first to know about the newest opportunities in digital advertising. Elise has a social media background that has given her greater insight on younger demographics and big picture strategies. And Steph lends her own considerable experience and knowledge in guiding the entire media team, keeping the process as sharp as it is. Which is extremely.

We utilize a mix of traditional, radio, print, outdoor and online platforms to gain full exposure and reach our clients’ target demographics. The first step in media buying is strategy and knowing exactly who our clients are trying to reach. We are always striving to find just the right mix between traditional and digital mediums to be certain that our client is reaching their optimal customer base at exactly the moment that they’re looking to part ways with their money.

Training never technically stops for our media department, as new opportunities in digital advertising and traditional media become available. We are constantly analyzing campaign performances to determine any changes that will generate better results. Being certified with Google AdWords, we also work with different agency buying platforms to make the most of media placement and are constantly negotiating with vendors to ensure our clients are getting the best use of their budget.

Combine all these ingredients together and they make for a delicious breakfast item, and more importantly they also save money strategically for all of our clients. Here’s to the KK BOLD media department, an irreplaceable ingredient in our agency muffin mix.