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Ad Blockers – New Kids on the Block Changing the Ad Game

Media usage has transformed significantly in recent years, and today’s consumers are spending more and more time on their mobile devices to access things like news and information, email, music, videos and games, to name just a few. According to a July global mobile report by comScore, an average of 30-50% of traffic to major digital media properties like Google, Yahoo, and Facebook comes from mobile devices. This increase in usage has made the mobile audience too large to ignore, and mobile is on pace to quickly surpass desktop in terms of increased ad spend.

For advertisers, this also brings a new challenge. Multiple ad blockers are available that restrict ads from displaying in apps and browsers on mobile devices. In fact, Apple’s September release of iOS 9 made it the first Apple operating system to support ad blocking in Safari. And with Apple having the majority of smartphone users, ad blockers have become a hot topic of discussion right now.

Questions are starting to come up about how KK BOLD can, or should, change our digital strategies with ad blocker usage increasing. There will not be a quick resolution for this. Bottom line is that ad blockers are not going to go away, so while we are not making any significant changes yet, we regularly monitor our campaign results. However, it’s important that we think about additional solutions for displaying messages to a mobile audience. One area of expected growth will be within the native advertising platforms. These ads are non-intrusive and display as content, meaning the consumer does not feel that they are being forced to view an ad that has popped up unexpectedly.

As a good rule of thumb, think about your own experience and how you feel when an ad interrupts your game. The beauty of native advertising means you won’t even necessarily know that you’re viewing an ad. And overall, just keeping your mobile ads simple and relevant makes for a happier consumer.

Marci Goldade is the media director for KK BOLD and [THE REST OF THIS DISCLAIMER HAS BEEN BLOCKED].