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Prairie Knights: Feel Lucky Again

Prairie Knights Casino & Resort in Fort Yates, ND and KK BOLD have been fortunate to be marketing partners for over 20 years. That length of a partnership between a casino and its agency of record is exceedingly rare in the world of casino marketing, which is something we take a lot of pride in. During our partnership, Prairie Knights has seen many successes, but also some challenging periods. The last year, particularly, has been one of, in not the most challenging eras in Prairie Knights’ history.

The winter of 2016 was a sort of perfect storm for Prairie Knights. The protests, a much harsher than usual winter and an economic downturn across local industries combined to make for an unusually turbulent season. Prairie Knights and KK BOLD’s management teams recognized early on the need for a proactive approach to maintain their position in the market.

In February 2017, Prairie Knights and KK BOLD launched “Feel Lucky Again.” This campaign combined print, TV, digital billboards and online ads to urge guests to return to the casino and experience what they love about Prairie Knights Casino & Resort all over again. KK BOLD President LaRoy Kingsley also conducted a local and national PR effort for Prairie Knights.

In March, a direct mail campaign was launched. A welcome back letter that included a free play offer was sent to Prairie Knights’ most loyal customers. Nearly 75% of letter recipients returned to the casino to claim their free play. Because of this great success, another direct mail campaign is in the works.

Another aspect of the campaign involved the addition of a Community Partners page to Prairie Knights’ website. The new page includes testimonials from area businesses highlighting what their relationship with Prairie Knights has meant to both their business and the Bismarck-Mandan, ND community in general. The testimonials were also featured as posts on Prairie Knights’ Facebook page. You can view the webpage at prairieknights.com/community-partners.

Prairie Knights Casino & Resort is steadily regaining its market position. People are back enjoying the great gaming, dining and concerts at the casino, and nothing could make us happier. The hardships have proven to be a testament to their resilience as a business, and we are happy to say that Prairie Knights Casino & Resort and KK BOLD both “Feel Lucky Again.”