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A Couple of New BOLDers

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We’ve fallen a bit behind in the reporting of new hires at KK BOLD, so we thought we’d catch up by going in groups of two until we get caught up. That’s a plan? That’s a plan.

Bridget Goldsack is the newest addition to our media team, occupying the position of media buyer. Bridget is a native of Mandan and has ten years of prior marketing experience with the Bismarck Tribune. Bridget started work at KK BOLD about a year ago, but like we said, we’re behind on these things. Happy anniversary in the near future, Bridget!

Dan Falconer is also “newish”, having been hired as a web developer for KK BOLD back in July of 2015. Dan has been developing in PHP for about 16 years. He has experience building installable web applications, SaaS (Software as a Service) systems, and has done a lot with regards to database administration and general system administration (with a focus on Linux). He also has a bunch of open source software that he’s written and (mostly) maintains. If any of that made any sense to you, chances are you might be a web developer as well.

So a big welcome, of sorts, to Dan and Bridget. Congratulations on your having been hired however many months or years ago, and we apologize for the lateness of that welcome and congratulations. If it helps, you’ve both been doing a great job!