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8 Tips for Fresh Blog Content

How can you ensure readers stay engaged with your blog? Keep your content fresh with these eight tips created to help kick-start your blog in 2014.

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words: You’ve shared videos on YouTube and photos on Instagram, Facebook and Flickr. Now look at them with fresh eyes. Does one particular image zero in on a message you want to convey, or does it capture the values and culture of your organization? If so, use it to tell your story.

Insider Info: Engaged readers want to know about significant events, new employees and important milestones. A blog allows you to share this content from a more relaxed, up-close-and-personal perspective.

Shine a Spotlight: How about implementing an employee or volunteer-of-the-month feature? Have you considered interviewing or quoting a reader about a particular topic? Personalization makes your organization – and your blog – more memorable.

Grow with Us: New buildings, new projects, new clients – any type of growth is inherently interesting to people who care about your organization.

Ahead of the Curve: Lulls – everyone has them, even large organizations. Think of a slow period as an opportune time to talk about industry trends and developments, especially since most people seek advice on topics that impact their careers or their bottom line. Establishing your blog as a source of expert information will bring readers back for more, and – who knows – may even bring paying customers through the door.

Feedback, Please: How did followers react to the recent news story about your organization? Do they like your new product? What would they like you to do differently? By setting up a scenario and carefully posing questions, you can engage followers and garner valuable feedback.

The Final Word: Do the same questions or rumors keep surfacing o-v-e-r and o-v-e-r again? If so, these issues may be important to the future of your organization or they might just be a nagging thorn in the side. Here’s your opportunity to address them directly and put them to rest, once and for all.

A Fresh Perspective: Expand your horizons – and those of your blog – by inviting guest posts. Perhaps one of your executives, board members or readers has strong convictions about a specific topic. As long as his or her perspectives align with your corporate culture and brand, readers may appreciate learning more about the issue from a slightly different spin.

Still looking for inspiration? In many respects, blogging is a form of storytelling, and bloggers build relationships by keeping content conversational. To get your creative juices flowing, check out some of the online resources available at no cost. For example, you can create your very own animated movie on plotagon.com. Once you’ve let your imagination run wild, you can apply these very same skills to fresh, new content on your blog.

The bottom line: Wherever you turn for inspiration, never lose sight of the fact that your blog is a reflection on your brand. The fun part is that nobody knows for sure where your blog will take you and your readers in the year ahead. We do know, however, it will result in a journey of discovery about your organization, and we can’t think of anyone who’s more capable of telling that story than you!

Do you have a tip or a question about blogging? Leave it in the comments!