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2017 Bold Big Game Prediction Results

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The Big Game has come and gone and the results are in, well at least most of them and what we could find through a variety of sources online. Thanks for playing along with us! Read below for the answers.

Which company/brand participating in this year’s Super Bowl will get the highest rating for their commercial ad (from advertising critics)?

– Accepted answers: Kia, Honda, Audi, Budweiser, Tide (according to USA today Ad Meter: http://admeter.usatoday.com/results/2017)

Which brand do you think will have the most tweeted commercial?
twitter results

What quarter will the first commercial with an 80’s reference air?

– 1st quarter (GoDaddy)

Do you think there will be any reference to underinflated footballs during any commercials?

– No reference during a commercial

Which brand plans on airing the first live Super Bowl ad?
– Snickers

Which iconic snacking brand will be backing out of this year’s Super Bowl?

– Doritos

Which fast food chain plans on releasing its first Super Bowl ad in 50 years?

– Wendy’s

How many commercials will have aired or have been published before the “Big Game”?
– Over 30 (could not find a definite answer, went off of recorded amount on adweek before the game)

How much does an average 30-second Super Bowl ad spot cost during this year’s game?

– Close to $5 million (see reference in online resources)

How many of each genre of ad or item do you think will be featured out of all the Super Bowl commercials this year?

Animals: 17
Babies: 1
Talking animals: 2
Peyton Manning: 0
Monkeys wearing pants: 0
Superhero film trailers: 2
Overall movie trailers: 6
Automotive commercials: 12
Food and beverage (this includes candy and beer): 17
Celebrity endorsements (includes athletes): 43 total celebrities, 26 total commercials with celebrities
Cell phone/mobile: 7

Online references:
Here are all the commercials for Super Bowl 51

Hashtags in Super Bowl ads slip to 30% in 2017, overtaken by URL use in 39%