Will Ink-stained Fingers Become Extinct?

Photo used under Creative Commons from Tony Cyphert.

By: Wayne Kranzler

A few weeks ago, a national study was released that found, for the first time, online news readership had surpassed that of print newspapers. Specifically, the study found that 34% of US adults said they got their news online. 31% cited print newspapers as their source of news. The study also indicated similar results for online versus newspaper advertising revenue.

I suppose reaching these “milestones” was inevitable. I, too, visit a number of state and national media websites frequently. The online portion of the majority of our clients’ marketing budgets has increased dramatically and continues to do so. Still, I noted these study results with a bit of sadness.

I grew up reading a newspaper almost every day. It’s always been part of my morning routine…a cup of coffee, maybe some toast and the local daily. I like the tactile feel of a newspaper in my hands…flipping the pages…looking at box scores…clipping an article.

I do realize this sentiment is dating me. About the only use my 20- something son has for the paper is skimming through the Sunday edition Best Buy insert and I’m sure he is typical. For him, iPads, smartphones and Kindle rule.

Trouble is, you can’t train Fido with a smartphone. You can’t line a birdcage with an iPad. And, a Kindle would make a lousy (and very expensive) campfire starter.

Oh, by the way, I read about this study online.

Wayne Kranzler is the CEO of KK BOLD. He wrote this blog on an LC Smith & Corona Super-Speed typewriter.

Posted on March 28, 2011 in KK BOLD

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