Why Associations Should Use Social Media

It’s an extension of the website. No one wakes up and says, “I wonder what changed from yesterday on www.association.org“ and goes to check. But they are logging in to peruse those they follow on Twitter or Facebook.

Tool for two-way communication. Questions and concerns about day to day life in associations can be asked and answered quickly, by the best source of information on the topic, you.

Direct information to targeted audiences. Those who click ‘like’ or ‘follow’ have indicated their interest level. Now, you can keep them engaged and informed to be advocates of your association in the future.

Use it as a public relations tool. Social media gives associations, large and small, a perfect medium to tell their story. Report on the latest happenings or tell a human interest story and do it without having to wait for the local news reporter.

Share information from others. This little tip has to do with influence. Sharing information from other sources does two things, helps people see a point of view that they may have missed and takes a load off of your content calendar. Keep in mind, this should be done in moderation.

Promote philosophy and goals. When was the last time an outside visitor came in and was excited to hear about your associations philosophy or goals? Social media lends itself to create this interest. Share the association’s passions with pictures, graphics and personal stories.

Drive web traffic. Quit waiting for people to search for information that might be found on your website or punch in your hardly memorable URL. Instead drive people to your annual reports, studies or policies year round. So many times we spend countless hours making sure these pieces are perfect and they make their debut at one annual meeting and then are forgotten about. Give them a second life, share specific pages, refer to them often and make them available to your social media based audience.

Humanize and create connections. The connections created between the association and its members is crucial to the future of any group. Not only between staff and members, but between membership. Use the social media platform to encourage conversations across the association.

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Posted on August 15, 2012 in KK BOLD BLOG, Social Media

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