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It’s here, the last month of the year. Like it or not, we have no choice but to enjoy a few extra bites of holiday delights. (Poor us, right?) The office parties, family gatherings, cards and letters have reached our to-do lists and what a wonderful time of the year it is.

Other lists are being rolled out too, like the best and worst of everything that could possibly be ranked. Certainly they give us a different way to reflect on the prior 45+ weeks.

Last week the announcement of the “2011 Word of the Year” — published as the word that defines the spirit of a year — made its way through the offices at KK Bold and stirred up a debate or two. Not just “tergiversate”, a word that we’ve never been able to use in a sentence, but those making the runner-up list. Two of those finalists have recently made an impact on North Dakota’s ways: clicktivism and fracking.

If you helped Minot’s Oak Park win its recently-awarded $100,000 from Coca-Cola, you’ve taken part in clicktivism – the act of using social media to promote a cause. Nearly 3.25 million clicks were recorded in favor of Oak Park, many coming from those who were reached via social networks. Do we believe in Social Media’s power now?

The other needs no elaboration. The attention given to the North Dakota economy is led by the act of fracking, so hearing it less than five times a day is somewhat unusual.

What’s the word that best describes your year? Tell us here.

Posted on December 6, 2011 in News

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