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Bolder Web Development by Design. What’s that mean? Well, the bolder part is a given. But otherwise, it means we’re as bleeding edge as our clients ask us to be. Which is “very.”

Here’s the main thing. We take risks. Don’t worry, they’re the good kind, not the crazy ones. But if you use us, you get to avoid taking risks (the crazy ones) yourself. Because using Two Random Guys Web Developing, that’s a risk. Yes, one of the crazy ones.

We’re a web development firm, with a staff and an office with chairs and desks and a building and everything. You can sleep at night knowing we’ll still be in business as long as you are. We don’t develop websites as a hobby or a side project. We’re not operating out of a garage. We’re professionals, and a professional project is what you get from us and what you should expect.

We approach web design from a different angle. A bolder angle, some people might say or already did say at the beginning. We feel like a website is the cornerstone of an overall marketing and branding plan. We want to be both an ongoing partner and a trusted resource for you for the lifespan of your website. Give us a call any time. We keep phones in our pockets at all times, because we’re weird that way.

Bolder Web Development by Design. Back right where we started. So what’s it mean? You probably know by now.

North Dakota State Fair
Grand River Casino
Visit Minot
Norsk Hostfest
North Dakota Tax Department

We’re all about web development.

We’re usually all about oxygen and water and shelter from the elements, but web development is also really big with us. We can develop a website for you from the ground up. From nothingness springs to life a fully developed website, almost as if by magic, or HTML and skilled web design. Then we turn the keys to the kingdom over to you. Don’t worry, if you’ve got questions, we always stay by our phones.

ABC Boat Docks
Bismarck Air Museum
ND United

Want to know what else we can do? Poetry. And we can make four websites in one.

FOUR. See these four websites below? We developed them all for Mandan Parks & Rec, and they all run off of a singular CMS back-end. So any news item they want posted onto one of the websites (or all of them, or any combination of them), they can upload it and choose which site it goes up on. Easy peasy. So whether you need a whole bunch of websites or just one, we can do it. We’re super smart.

Mandan Parks District
Starion Sports Complex
Mandan Golf
Raging Rivers Waterpark
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