WCCO Gets New Website, Not a Radio Station

WCCO Belting in Wahpeton first began operating in 1954 as a one-man shoe repair shop. Since then, they have diversified into a multi-million dollar specialized rubber product supplier to agricultural and industrial businesses around the world, and not as an adult contemporary radio station that plays all of your favorite hits in the morning. They also were recently in need of a website redesign, which KK BOLD was happy to provide them.

 WCCO's new web design from a desktop browser.

WCCO’s new web design from a desktop browser.

The new WCCO website is a fully responsive website, which you may recall from a previous e-news is a website that can calibrate

WCCO's home page is responsive. Here is how the home page appears on a mobile device.

itself to the size and resolution of a visitor’s monitor screen, which we used in our recent redesign of our own site. WCCO’s personal mission statement is “to be the most ‘Responsive’ global supplier/partner of specialized rubber products,” so it seems only fitting that they should have a website to match.

On their new responsive site, you can find a veritable database of information on WCCO and all aspects of their business. Spread across multiple tabs, you can find in-depth info on the history of WCCO, their products, capabilities, news, certifications and awards, their people and much, much more. The site is a beauty to witness, and even more fun to read

If you’re in need of WCCO’s services or just wanting to look at something nice, be sure to check out the new WCCO website at wccobelt.com. It’s a great, responsive website for a great, responsive company, which again, despite their name, is not the call letters for a radio station.

Posted on February 7, 2013 in KK BOLD, KK BOLD Work

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