Warm Thoughts on Minot Parks District’s Summer Campaigns

With how ridiculously and freakishly bad this winter has been so far, we’re doing our best to put ourselves in a better state of mind, by reflecting upon warmer campaigns, back in a season that we knew as “summer.” Summer was an ideal time, when the temperatures didn’t have a minus sign in front of them and there wasn’t a single flake of snow on the ground. One of our favorite summer clients is the Minot Parks District, since it lets us get outside and enjoy the sunshine. Sunshine is a thing that used to come off of the sun, you see.

Minot Parks has been with KK BOLD for the last few summers. We help them primarily with social media campaigns that include sponsored ads, boosted posts and like campaigns on Facebook. This year’s campaign focused on quality of life. The messages we worked on this year aimed to remind the good citizens of Minot of all the activities available to them, right in their own backyard. And since KK BOLD also manages the Minot Park website at minotparks.com, we use our social media campaigns to help drive traffic to their site. The site is awesome (tooting our own horn, honk honk), as it informs visitors on all the parks and trails that Minot parks offer and allows shelter reservations for upcoming gatherings, birthday parties and other outdoor events right on the website. If you’re into that sort of thing.

The summer of 2016, besides being one of Bryan Adams’ lesser known singles, was another great campaign for Minot Parks, as it included announcing the new Splash Pad at Radio City Park. It also included Minot Parks’ 2nd annual photo contest. Contest winners won passes to Minot Parks’ attractions and parks.

Other projects KK BOLD worked on with Minot Parks included print ads, flyers, posters, logos and banner designs for the first ever 4th of July Festival, which we’ve included for your eyeballs’ enjoyment. We also produced banners, posters and a donor invitation design for the third rink addition to Pepsi Rink at the MAYSA. Did we mention that we also host their website? We meant to. Coming soon will be an update to the MAYSA page.

We are, needless to say, very excited to have been a part of all these great improvements for Minot Parks and for helping them get the word out. We’re also very excited at the thought of “summer” returning again someday, and all new campaigns that we can work on with Minot Parks. Also, for the ice to melt, because it makes driving very difficult. Almost impossible, some days.

Here is some of the work we completed for Minot Parks summer campaign:

Posted on January 10, 2017 in KK BOLD, News

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