Using Facebook Offers to Drive Sales

Facebook is set to roll out a few changes to our News Feeds soon, which is sure to bring about necessary adjustments in your social media strategy. But before we get to those, let’s look at a the tools you might not be using, like events, check-in deals and offers.

If your social media strategy doesn’t include an offer, add one today. Here’s why.

Offers were in beta in early 2012 and rolled out to pages with more than 400 likes in September 2012. The digital coupon features an image, a headline, offer information, disclaimers and start/end dates.  The offer creator can also set limits to the number of offers that can be claimed. Once the offer is claimed,  Facebook sends the user an email with the disclaimer and any other information about claiming the offer.

Offers are a highly social way to spread a coupon of sorts across the network of your business’s Facebook community. The cost to the business starts at $5 and can increase depending on the size of your community and the reach that you need to make it successful. Since each offer claimed creates a story, your user’s friends may see it in their News Feed. This feature is the first reason to add this to your social media strategy.

If the offer is good, users will claim it and share it with their friends. This is a bonus, unpaid advertisement and should be your goal to knock your strategy out of the park.

In mid-February 2013, Facebook made changes to the Offer tool that marketers should love.

  • First, they added a section to a user’s News Feed to house offers that have been claimed by the user.
  • Second, they created a larger footprint for offers in user’s News Feeds.
  • Third, they added a reminder action to the claim action giving the offer creator a second chance at reaching the user.

Here is what  a new offer looks like in the News Feed. Notice the image, extended headline and two calls to action at the top right, in addition to the regular Like, Comment and Share options at the bottom left.

This News Feed view, captured March 7, 2013, is four times larger than previous offers.

This News Feed view, captured March 7, 2013, is four times larger than previous offers.

The offers, pre-February 2012, were 75% smaller and did not include the “Shop Now” or “Remind Me” buttons.

How did this offer get into my News Feed? This specific offer was claimed by a friend and their name was attached in a line of text that was omitted in this photo.

What does it look like once an offer is claimed? The image below shows the new text and features, a clickable link to information, if the offer is available online, and a “Like ARIA Resort & Casino,” which encourages users to connect with the brand that they are claiming an offer from. By claiming a Facebook offer, a user does not automatically become connected to the brand. There is currently no way to restrict offers to only those who Like the page.

KKB Facebook Marketing _ Claimed Offer

So, add a Facebook offer to your social media strategy to drive your online or in-store sales. Make sure it is appealing to your audience, properly planned and appropriately promoted.

Want to take your social media marketing to the next level? Our team is ready to keep you on trend, ahead of the curve and making smart social media decisions.


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  1. caroline
    April 4, 2013 at 1:19 pm · Reply

    and how do you convert claims into purchases? don’t you think the “22000 people have claimed this offer” statement is misleading?

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