Three ways to benefit from a social marketing strategy – Part Three

Creating and implementing a social media strategy is one key for online marketing success. Its cohort and perhaps more important contributor is content. It makes sense then that one of the benefits of a complete strategy is content planning.

Creating content, sharing it and tracking its effectiveness is challenging, yet fundamental to the social strategy. Well-thought strategies keep content creators away from the ‘nothing-to-share’ point that lies between an exceptional and a failing social media effort.  A large percentage of self-acclaimed “social media burnouts” did not plan for the big picture with an editorial calendar, and therefore suffered the consequences. The people who really suffered, however, were the users and the brand that no longer had current information online.

Community managers have an important job within social media: make sure users are getting the message. It’s important to remember that users are bombarded with thousands of marketing-based messages a day, and Facebook is making content work smarter to make it into the News Feeds of a brand’s Fans. Edgerank, Facebook’s unpublished algorithm for content distribution, gives every update made on Facebook a score based on affinity, weight and time decay. The social strategies developed by KK BOLD outline a plan to create and publish top performing and relevant content.

Relevant content gives its creator the ability to build a connection with their online community, which creates long-term reputation and trust.

Content is not limited to written stories, blog entries and news releases made by the business to support marketing efforts. Content is also pictures, links, podcasts, events, reviews and shared information from secondary sources. In some strategies, content is divided into categories, topics and timelines. In others, there is a combination of place and time with specific content for a specific channel.

Social media needs relevant content to survive. IF YOU AGREE, 1-CLICK TO TWEET!

Make sure it’s fresh, expressive, authentic and interesting to 95% of the audience. Create a plan to repurpose marketing material with a social twist. Lastly, aim for updates to meet the 80/20 rule for maximum impact. After all, social media isn’t about you, it’s about the user who happens to be a past, current or potential customer.

If social media marketing isn’t working for your brand, review the strategy. If the social strategy is the missing link in your efforts, admit it and start drafting one. Need some assistance? KK BOLD’s social media department wants to help you see results from your online efforts.

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Posted on February 3, 2012 in News, Social Media

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