The North Dakota Lottery turns 10

KK BOLD got the opportunity to do some fun stuff for the lottery recently when we worked on their rebrand. And really, what’s more fun than winning money, right? Ok, so we didn’t win any money, but it was still fun. They now have a shiny new campaign including point of sale pieces, online ads, TV, radio and even a refresh of their logo.

KK BOLD did phone research when we became the North Dakota Lottery’s agency of record in 2013. We found that there was opportunity for growth by appealing to the younger side of the target market. The lottery is also celebrating its tenth anniversary this year. It was time to revamp their image and modernize their brand.

The concept for  TV and radio is decidedly different from their past campaigns.

:30 TV Ad

North Dakota Lottery | Branding Campaign | Airport from KK BOLD on Vimeo.

:30 Radio Ad

North Dakota Lottery | Branding Campaign | UpToYou Dog :30 Radio from KK BOLD on Vimeo.

We played into the motivation behind why people by lottery tickets. Almost everybody has imagined what they would do and how things would be different if they won big with the North Dakota Lottery. Our strategy was to harness this fact with a branding campaign that uses a blend of whimsy, fantasy, and hyperbole with uniquely North Dakotan twists.

ND Lottery Branding Campaign Collateral

North Dakota Lottery Branding Campaign

By encouraging people to imagine what it would be like to be a big winner, we’re giving them a positive emotional connection to the lottery and a reason to participate in the five games. We all know that not every ticket can win, but every ticket can buy a dream and a chance at that dream. The spots all use the line, “When you win, what you do is up to you.”

Along with the rebrand the Lottery also has a lot of new equipment. Lottery In Motion (LIM) monitors have been installed in retail locations, so you can find out up-to-date jackpot information and current promotions in an electronic format.

And now you want to go get yourself a lottery ticket, don’t you? Imagine the possibilities!

North Dakota Lottery Website Featuring Rebrand

Check out the full North Dakota Lottery Branding campaign and other work we’ve done

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