Ten For Ted: Ted Hanson Completes Tenth Year at KK BOLD

We’re happy to announce that Ted Hanson, business relations director for KK BOLD, completed his tenth year of service at KK BOLD on July 28, 2013. That’s right. It’s been ten years of Ted. A Ted decade, or a Tedcade, if you will.

Ted originally joined KK BOLD as an account executive in 2003. During his ten years with KK BOLD, Ted has established himself as a solid member of the team, an effective and talented account professional, and an exceedingly skilled anecdotalist, assuming that that is an actual word. He has excelled at serving his clients’ marketing needs and occasionally bringing cougar scat into agency meetings. In his role as business relations director, Hanson has worked to acquire new clients, as well as developed strategic plans and new business solutions for new and existing clients and given everyone on staff a nickname, including Sparky, Stormy, Paints With Stick, Red Gray and Jesus Cobain. Ted is originally from Amidon, ND and earned a bachelor’s degree in mass communications/business from North Dakota State University. Go Bison! (Which, by the way, vaguely ties in to a kind of walking stick Ted has on display in his office. Ask him about it. He’ll tell you.)

“Ted is one of the glorious characters we have here at KK BOLD that makes it so much fun to come to work,” says KK BOLD president LaRoy Kingsley. “His clients really enjoy his style and he consistently delivers a superior experience.” KK BOLD chief executive officer Wayne Kranzler adds, “Ted has become a great account manager during his ten years with us. His obvious work ethic and outgoing personality combine to build long-lasting client relationships.”

Our thanks to Ted, for keeping us up-to-date on his latest shenanigans, revealing untold mysteries of the universe and occasionally providing direction on our projects. Cheers to another ten years.

Do you know Ted and have a story you’d like to share about him? Wish to congratulate him on his decade of decadence? Want him to give you a nickname? Leave a comment below!

Posted on August 13, 2013 in KK BOLD, News

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  1. mojo
    August 15, 2013 at 3:54 am · Reply

    Congrats to KK BOLD for reigning Ted in and keeping him in the corral for ten years. Has to be a record stint for Ted. We met in a Shanghai prison where he was doing a 10-20 year sentence for killing a total stranger who attacked him when he said he was from Slope County. Evidently, something was lost in translation. He ultimately was sprung once it was understood that he was simply defending himself. Anyway, congrats Ted. KK BOLD is lucky to have you.

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