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Marketing “Anchorman 2” – How Will Farrell’s Appearance on KX News Can Influence the Way You Do Business

Who knew?  When, “Anchorman” star Will Ferrell made a surprise Saturday, Nov. 30 appearance with anchor Amber Schatz on KX News in western North Dakota, who knew what a buzz it would create in the marketing world or how it would illustrate the power of social media as a marketing tool? Savvy marketers who understand…

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Bakken PR Strategy

Breaking News from the Bakken

Before the first sound bite airs, we brace ourselves for the next bad news out of the oil patch. Is it an oil spill, a drilling rig fire, a multi-vehicle accident, an oilfield worker accused of a crime? In reality, many good things have come out of oil development in North Dakota’s Bakken Field. And,…

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KK BOLD P.R. is helping clients navigate the energy boom’s terrain

Energy companies from across the United States are flocking to North Dakota to be a part of the current energy boom. These companies – and other industries directly involved in or impacted by the energy boom – are greatly benefiting from KK BOLD’s public relations expertise. Inquiries into KK BOLD’s public relations services have increased…

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Rules of the Public Relations Road

Thanks to the never-ending, always-evolving information revolution, our collective attention spans can now be counted in nanoseconds while our collective “bovine excrement” detectors are highly sensitive. The Internet has leveled the playing field, leaving us in a world Darwin could appreciate, where only the strong survive. No longer dependent on what news editors deem “newsworthy,”…

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Some Issues Don’t Fit Into 15 Second Sound Bites

On June 12, North Dakota voters will vote on a proposed constitutional amendment abolishing property taxes. Measure 2 is, without question, one of the most consequential policy questions that have been presented before state voters in more than two decades. Supporters maintain that property taxes are too high, government is too intrusive and citizens should…

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