Spring Cleaning For Your Media Mix

Just like our office and computer desktop, our marketing plan can get cluttered too. Clean it up!

KK BOLD’s media department may shock a few marketers by telling them what they don’t need in their media mix. You may not need television, and we’ll tell you so. If direct mail is your best bet, we’ll have the research to back up that claim. If your messages could be reaching an audience better, we’ll show you how. We clean up the mix to focus on those customers that have a higher likelihood of caring about your message and reducing the waste of those that never will.

How do we clean it up? We size up your competition, your geographic area, your target audience and their habits, plus about a billion other things, and come up with a customized media plan that not only maximizes your reach and frequency, it may actually (horrors!) save you money with its efficiency.

If a casino owner frets that he never sees his ads anywhere, there is but one logical question to ask: Do you want KK BOLD to place your ads where you’ll see them, or do you want us to place your ads where your customers will see them? What is the difference between you and your potential new player, customer, guest or enrolled student? They have different online behaviors than you do. Our media mix strategies are created to target them at the right time in a place that they are familiar with. You could say that KK BOLD strategies have gotten smarter as new technology, new information and hundreds of pages of data have been combed through.

It all comes down to reach vs. targeting and the conversions that can be expected from each. Our successful campaigns have been implemented for multiple industries, which tells us that these kinds of smart marketing plans aren’t just for one type of audience. They have worked well for casinos, fairs and festivals, as well as universities and financial institutions. Go ahead and ask us how we can compare to your current campaign.

We’ll work with you to determine which approach is better, and which media best serve your needs. The answer may surprise you, but your spreadsheets will look better in the long run.

Next Steps

If you haven’t seen our work yet, by all means, go to our portfolio and see it now. If you’d like to discuss a new initiative or project with KK BOLD, please call LaRoy Kingsley or Stephanie Schoenrock at 888.255.9950.

If you’re a casino marketer and you’ll be attending the National Indian Gaming Association conference in Phoenix, Arizona, be sure to make time to join us. The team of Stephanie Schoenrock and Marci Goldade will be presenting “Media Planning in a Digital Age.”

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