Spring Cleaning for your Facebook News Feed

Keeping up with your news feed shouldn’t be a chore. You should have the information you’re interested in categorized the way you like it. And it should all be ready at just a click to provide you with the most recent content available on Facebook.


The newest addition to Facebook should make you smile. You can now organize your interests or the pages you enjoy into lists. Put your favorite food, clothing, business magazines or celebrities into separate interest lists and instantly engage with specific categories of information.

Facebook Software Engineer Eric Faller said:

“Interest lists can help you turn Facebook into your own personalized newspaper, with special sections — or feeds — for topics that matter to you. You can find traditional news sections like business, sports, and style, or get much more personalized — like tech news, NBA players, and art critics.”

Here’s how to set up a personalized interest list:

1.     Head to your news feed screen. Scroll on the left hand side until you find the Interests category. Click More. An ‘Interests’ window will appear. Click +Add Interests.

2.     Next you’ll be able to subscribe to a variety of public lists or individually add pages and information sources to your own interest list. To create your own list – click on +Create List.

3.     Any page and some profiles on Facebook can be added to an interest category. Use the search bar to find a specific page or review the categories on the left hand side of the window.

4.     Name your list and choose who can see it. Click Done.

Click to Expand

5.     The new list will now live on the left panel and with one click you’ll be able to see the information from your interest categories. Find the share option and post it to your timeline, a friend’s timeline, in a private message or on a page.

Enjoy the new options that Facebook is giving you and be sure to add KK BOLD so you don’t miss out on our sometimes wacky, but always helpful, marketing updates.

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The social media team at KK BOLD has been busy in March helping clients and team members understand the forthcoming social media changes. Are you in the know with how the new Timeline will change how you use Facebook to market your product or service?

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